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Adult Improv

Before and Laughter

A Six-Week Improv Class

Unleash your creativity and discover the excitement of impromptu performance with our new improv class, “Before and Laughter.” Over the course of six weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals of improvisation in a fun and supportive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a complete beginner, this class is designed for adults 18 and up who are eager to bring a positive attitude and a willingness to try something new.

Course Highlights:

Duration: Six weeks

Audience: Adults 18 and up

Experience Required: None

Finale: A live performance showcasing your new skills

What You’ll Gain

Improvisation Skills: Develop the creative skills essential to unscripted performance, including quick thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration.

Confidence: Improving your ability to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations can also help build your self-confidence on and off the stage.

Connections: Meet new people and form lasting friendships in a supportive community.

Fun: Enjoy a lively, entertaining atmosphere where laughter is guaranteed.

Join us at “Before and Laughter” and experience the thrill of improv. All you need to bring is a good attitude and a desire to have fun. Sign up today and take the first steps in the unique and unforgettable creative adventure of improv!

“Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theater.” – Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater

Dates: Sun, Jul 28, 2024 – Sep 1, 2024
6 classes