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DEIB Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Promoting Inclusivity Through the Performing Arts

On Stage Vacaville (OSV) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that strives to support genuine human expression through the arts and facilitate experiences for our community to be valued, represented, and entertained. We are committed to working towards finding solutions for a more equitable theater arts practice in our community. We understand that for our community to feel valued and represented, we have to support the diversification of performing arts programming throughout our city and beyond. Therefore, On Stage Vacaville takes pride in offering an array of diverse programs specifically designed to highlight, serve, and expand access to underserved communities. We continue to strive to create more inclusive environments for the performing arts, as well as to foster equitable opportunities for local artists and art organizations. We take our responsibility as community leaders in the arts very seriously and know that it is in our hands to promote the wonderful diversity of our population through our many cultural affairs. We believe this to be the only way to truly serve all members of our community and to continue advancing efforts towards broader diversity, equity, and inclusion practices throughout our field, and society at large.

Social Inequalities Explained