Artist in Residency

Supporting Artists

Nurturing Local Talent in Vacaville's Performing Arts Scene

The OSV Artist in Residency program (AIR) is a vehicle for artistic innovation in Vacaville. This one of a kind program in our community supports local performing artists in the development of new work. The selected cohort of resident artists will benefit from an array of resources including, professional mentorship in various areas of production, rehearsal space, and generous stipend. The residency culminates with a public performance on stage at Journey Downtown Theater, where resident artists have the opportunity to share their new work with the community.

OSV will be accepting applications year round.
For more information please email our Vice President of Development, Angela Arteritano

Pilot Program

Our pilot program culminated in a successful world premiere of an award winning multidisciplinary work – “Markme On Stage” by Angela Arteritano that occurred Febuary 4th, 2023. The work featured internationally acclaimed flamenco artists, a culinary experience, interactive art on stage, a film screening, live music, and dance production. The residency supported the development of this innovative artistic project, and we are excited to continue supporting the evolution of performing arts in Vacaville through this residency program.

Resident Artists Receive

Nurture, Inspire, Empower: The Artist Experience

  • Weekly 1 hour mentorship meetings with our program director. This meeting can range from rehearsal observations and creative feedback, to production assistance and beyond.
  • An artist stipend provided by OSV.
  • A food and beverage stipend at Journey Downtown.
  • Studio space of up to 5 hours / week at Journey Downtown Theater (if needed). Please note that these hours need to be scheduled ahead of time, and is subject to availability. No tech available.
  • A tech rehearsal to be scheduled by OSV a week prior to the performance.
  • Final performance at Journey Downtown Theater (20-35 min performance time per artist).
  • Professional Video documentation of their work.


Details on the AIR Program

Individual performing artists and/or art organizations based in Vacaville that meet the following criteria:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in the artistic field of their proposed project. Work done in college does not count towards this requirement. However if you do not meet the 3+ years requirement and want to apply to be considered for this opportunity, contact our Vice President of Development Angela Ateritano at
  • Applicants need to create new work, significantly develop existing work, or works in progress that have not been premiered anywhere in the bay area yet.
  • Applicants are required to be in Vacaville during the time of the residency and be available to engage with the local community through at least one community outreach activity: such as open rehearsals, artist talks, community class etc. Please note that residency does not include housing.
  • Applicants must present their work in the final residency performance at Journey Downtown Theater (August 18, 2023, for summer residents, and February 2024 for winter residents). A tech rehearsal will be scheduled during the week prior to the performance, date TBA.

Applicants do not need to live in Vacaville to be considered, but they need to prove that most of their artistic activities are conducted within the Solano county. This opportunity is for local artists to develop their artistic practice and share new work with audiences. Residents are expected to support marketing efforts for the final residency performance, for which artists that already conduct business in the area are more likely to succeed in bringing audiences that would ultimately support the development of their new work.

Applications are free of any charges, and do not require any transactions in order to apply.

The residency lasts 8 weeks total, and culminates with a live performance featuring the new work of the selected cohort of resident artists (2 artists per cycle).

Each resident will present a work that is anywhere between 20-35 minutes in length. Their projects may include elements of film, music, dance, theater, or any combination of artistic mediums as explained in their project proposals. OSV will present this event in partnership with Journey Downtown Theater, conducting all necessary planning, logistics, box office, ticketing, etc. Resident artists need to be available to manage their artistic teams/performers and assist with production and stage management as needed per their proposed projects. Residents will also be expected to participate in a Q&A at the end of the performance, this is an unique opportunity to receive immediate audience feedback on their new work, as well as to being able to connect with the community that may want to follow the resident’s work after the residency. Residents are encouraged to utilize their common marketing channels to promote residency performance. Ticket sales are the main funding for this program, and it is the only way we can continue to support artists and their need to create new innovative works on stage. A full theater results in a perfect opportunity of exposure for artists and their new work, and guarantees the sustainability of the program.

Residents receive:

  • Production and creative process mentorship.
  • A generous stipend of $1000.
  • $200 food and beverage stipend at Journey Downtown.
  • Studio space (up to 5 hours / week).
  • Tech rehearsal
  • Final performance at Journey Downtown Theater.
  • Professional video documentation of their work.

Still didn’t get your question answered? Contact our Vice President of Development by emailing Angela Ateritano: