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Youth Theatre

J&S Musical Youth Theatre
& On Stage Vacaville

A Unified Mission

J & S Musical Youth Theatre Spring Season March 1, 2024

Space is limited so please register today!

Empowering the next generation through the magic of musical theatre, J&S Youth Theatre, in partnership with On Stage Vacaville, is proud to offer unparalleled performing arts experiences to youth grades K-12 in our community. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing artistic education, performances, workshops, and academic programs that enrich the lives of students and their families.

Together, J&S Youth Theatre and On Stage Vacaville are dedicated to providing arts enrichment services that honor the uniqueness of each child, promoting a culture free from competition and comparison. It is in this spirit of collaboration and community that we continue to light the path for future generations to discover the joy and boundless possibilities of the performing arts.

Join us Center Stage!

Dive into the magical world of performing arts with the J & S Youth Theater Program, designed for young enthusiasts aged 5 to 18. No matter your experience level, we welcome you to explore your passion, creativity, and love for the stage in a supportive and inclusive environment.

What can you expect from the J & S Youth Theatre Experience

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: The J & S Youth Theater Program is more than just a place to learn; it is a community where you can grow, express yourself, and discover the endless possibilities within the world of performing arts. Join us and let us create unforgettable memories together!

  • Comprehensive Performing Arts Training: From acting and singing to dancing and beyond, our experienced team of entertainers, directors, choreographers, and technical professionals will guide your children through every step of their artistic journey. Through our unique program, they learn not just the art but also the heart of performing, all while having fun and making lasting friendships.

  • Firsthand Experience: Get ready to shine under the spotlight and work behind the scenes. Our program offers firsthand experience in all aspects of theater production, including stage management, costume design, lighting, and sound, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the performing arts world as a part of our program.

  • Mentorship from Industry Professionals: Our resolute team comprises some of the best talents in our community, ready to mentor and inspire our students. Their expertise and passion for the arts will guide each cast towards achieving their potential, both on and off the stage.

  • An All-Inclusive Environment: We pride ourselves on creating a safe, welcoming space for all children. Regardless of your background, abilities, gender identification and race: you will find a home here, where your ideas are valued, and your contributions celebrated.

  • Acceptance and Inclusion: Our program is built on the foundation of inclusivity. Every child is encouraged to be their authentic self, bringing their unique talents and personalities to the stage. We believe that diversity enriches our performance and our lives.

Our Team

Behind the Scenes Heroes

Serena Kreamer

Founder & Managing Director

[email protected]

Dreams of a vibrant future for the performing arts have always fueled my vision. Today, J&S Performing Arts Center stands as a testament to this dream, offering a comprehensive performing arts training center alongside a tutoring academy for all ages, all within a secure, nurturing environment.

Our mission at J&S has been clear from the start: to bolster self-esteem and confidence in our youth, guiding them toward a successful transition into adulthood through the transformative power of theatre arts. Our exceptional team, comprised of working actors and seasoned educators, brings a wealth of talent and experience to our students, enriching Solano County with invaluable arts education.

The partnership with On Stage Vacaville marks an exciting new chapter, enhancing our capacity to serve our community with even more resources and opportunities. This collaboration amplifies our shared commitment to the arts, promising a brighter, more creative future for all involved.

Join us in celebrating this powerful union, as we continue to nurture, inspire, and grow through the arts.

With heartfelt enthusiasm, Serena Kreamer

Jeremy Kreamer

Musical Director & Voice Instructor

[email protected]

Jeremy Kreamer, a Bay Area native with a rich history in musical theater, has excelled in the performing arts since the age of eight. A graduate of Will C. Wood High School in Vacaville, CA, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance, Jeremy’s journey has been marked by significant roles in productions like Into the Woods, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Addams Family Musical.

Beyond his performances, Jeremy’s dedication to arts education shined bright as the musical director and vocal instructor at  J&S Performing Arts Center, where he significantly impacted young performers as a music director. His expertise is the guiding light for the J & S Youth Theatre program, nurturing the next generation of talent through musical theater. Jeremy is also the current choir director and co-drama teacher at Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy. Jeremy’s comprehensive arts background, coupled with his passion for teaching and directing, makes him a pivotal figure in fostering young performers’ growth and love for the arts.

Emerald McDonald

Associate Director & Coreographer

[email protected]

Emerald McDonnell is a Bay Area native with a passion for the arts. Born in San Francisco and raised in Vallejo, Emerald has been immersed in the connection to others that comes through singing and dances her whole life — beginning with joining her first dance team at 5 years old, moving to competitive jazz and hip hop as child, then participating in the California Color Guard Circuit in her teen years — all while continuously growing her vocal skills in local churches. Since starting her creative career in 2013 she has instructed Jesse Bethel High School Colorguard, been the main singer for East Bay Coffee’s house band in Pinole, served as a Worship & Band Leader at multiple churches around the Bay, and most recently been the Choreographer & Director at J&S Performing Arts Center since 2018. Currently, when she is not working as a youth choreographer & director she is the Creative Arts Director for Eastown Church in San Ramon.