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Arty Awards

Welcome to the revival of the Arty Awards!

Presented by On Stage Vacaville

Thank you for being here! We are On Stage Vacaville (OSV), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to support genuine human expression through the arts and facilitate experiences for our community to be valued, represented and entertained.

Since 1984, the Arty Awards have provided a format for Solano & Napa Counties performing arts groups and individuals to have their work judged by local peer groups and enthusiastic theatre-going community members. An awards gala is held at the end of each cycle, to honor outstanding achievements in various categories of the highest ranked performances.

Upcoming Shows

Meet Our Judgess

Beth Ellen Ethridge

Beth Ellen has been in love with the entertainment industry since she can remember. Growing up in Southern California, she was a big fan of movie musicals, especially the comedies. Dick Van Dyke, Danny Kaye, Julie Andrews, and Barabara Streisand were her favorites. After playing the role of Louisa in a junior high production of Sound of Music, she was officially bitten by the theatre bug. She graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a BA in Drama and moved to North Hollywood with stars in her eyes. But after a few years of performing at various dinner theaters and the like, she decided health insurance was a good idea and went back to college to become a Registered Dietitian. She landed a sales representative job at Mead Johnson and slowly drifted away from performing, but remained a fan of all things theatrical. She continued with life until one day in 2019, she realized it was time to get back to performing! Since then, she has appeared in 10 Musicals! When she was contacted to see if she would be a Judge for the newly resurrected ARTYS, she jumped at the chance to give back to the industry that continues to bring her so much joy!

Lorraine Jetland

A life long resident in Solano County I have been involved in the arts for my entire life. While not a well known performer myself, I have been surrounded by and appreciate all aspects of the arts: from live music, to dance recitals and all forms of theatre. My hope is to keep the arts alive for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. Currently I am the Program Coordinator at Young Artists Conservatory of Music.

Chuck Barney

Chuck Barney is a longtime Vacaville resident and retired journalist. Before leaving the beat in 2021, he spent more than 20 years as a TV critic and pop cultural writer for the East Bay Times (formerly the Oakland Tribune/Contra Costa Times) and the San Jose Mercury News. Over that run, he reviewed hundreds of TV shows and movies, and authored profiles of some of the brightest stars in Hollywood.

Wendy Ferrell

I love attending live performances! The pool of talented adults and students in our community, makes for many lively, entertaining evenings. I became interested in theater in 5th grade in an Amy Blanc production of Scrooge. I have lived in the local area most of my life, and am in my 32nd year with the FSUSD. The wide variety of stage production offerings each month, within a half hours drive, keep my performance love sated. Thank you for supporting live theater.

Marilyn Manfredi

I am a retired nurse and Medical Group Administrator who loves all the performing arts! Was active in theater in both high school and college. Married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Yvette Mosbarger

Past Arty judge. Retired from the rat race. Self employed property manager.

Barbara Norris

Artistic Director for Solano Repertory Company for 25 years (Fairfield, Ca.) a multi-award winning theatre company. I studied theatre at both UC Berkeley and UC Davis – earned my MA in Theatre with a Directing Concentration (with distinction) from Sacramento State University in 2003.

Trey Reeves

I am a local actor and director, originally from Cincinnati, OH. I have been performing in the local scene since 2018. I have a deep love of all things theatre, from a cheap children’s Christmas show to an awe-inspiring mega musical in a concert hall.

Sheccid Donatt

I have been a performer in the area since 2018. I studied theater at Solano College in all different capacities; performance, tech, building, etc. I got a BA from UC Irvine, while there I became heavily involved in stage management, prop building, and dance. Since returning I have performed in shows at Solano College Theatre, Lucky Penny Productions, The Woodland Opera house, and the Martinez Campbell Theatre. I study voice at the Young Artist Conservatory of Music.

Evangeline Todd

My son, Xathanael Todd, began performing with Missouri Street Youth Theater ten years ago. He has since been involved in productions all over the Bay Area, and is currently majoring in Theater and Music and Napa Valley College. As we have followed his unfolding career, we also became interested and involved with community theater.

Anna Peregoy

I am a 40 something year old person who has played a lot of roles in this play we call life. I am a wife, mom, safe space for our queer/trans kiddos, animal lover, movement professional, avid camper and hiker, and heroic optimizer just to name a few. I even spent a few years creating props for musical theatre. 

Irene Corioso

I am a retired elementary school teacher with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District . I participated in theater in high school and college. My aunt lived In Manhattan and whenever I would go to visit her we would go to see a show on Broadway. I try to go to as many theater performances as I can in the local area.

Cassandra Kamakeeaina

I have grown up in Vacaville and returned here after college and dancing in Southern California. I have been teaching in Vacaville for 23 years and choreographing and directing for 11 years. I own a ballet school in downtown Vacaville and have switched venues to the downtown theater and am very excited to help bring the arts to downtown Vacaville, and especially to work together to benefit our community.

Cynthia Baker

I have a special place in my heart for the arts and have had the pleasure of visiting many theatres from New York to California. Nothing beats the energy surrounding a performance and is such a magical experience for me. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to appreciate all forms of theatre from local community programs to The Great Stage, and have loved each one just the same! The talent, the expressions, the stage work, and the vulnerability of both the performers, as well as, the audience – to experience a live performance is like becoming a part of a show and I always leave feeling amazing – there is nothing like it! As a long standing Solano County resident, it is both my pleasure and duty to support the arts through any and all means possible. See you at the show!

Eric Bates

Eric Started in Vallejo Music Theater in 2002 where he performed in OLIVER, as the Inn Keeper,
Seller and Policeman, also with Vallejo Music Theater 2004 SEVEN BRIDES FOR
SEVEN BROTHERS, Character Mr. Perkins. Eric was originally born in Massachusetts, his
job brought him back to Massachusetts where he joined the North Shore Players
in Danvers Mass from 2006-2009, where he performed in I REMEMBER MAMA,
HONK. Eric is a retired engineer living in Vallejo.

Judges Resources


Since 1984, the Arty Awards have provided a format for Solano & Napa Counties performing arts groups and individuals to have their work judged by local peer groups and enthusiastic theatre-going community members. An awards gala is held at the end of each cycle, to honor outstanding achievements in various categories of the highest ranked performances.

We would love help with monetary sponsorships or donations to keep the program going! Please email us [email protected] to discuss a custom sponsor package for you and/or your business.

Solano, Napa and Yolo counties are open to register.

For Performers & Performing Arts Organizations

This year, we are inviting all musical , drama and comedy performances for youth aged 12-18 and adult age 18 and up. Children’s performances under age 12 will be eligible and judged by overall performance. We have added
dance ensembles or individual performing dancers to participate.

The categories are:

  • Male Actor (playing a male role)
  • Female Actress (playing a female role)
  • Director
  • Costume Design
  • Set Design
  • Choreography
  • Overall Performance-under age 12

Yes. An initial application fee of $15 plus $10 per category to be judged will be assessed at time of registration.
Please note: a discount of $50 total will be given for all categories (a $25 savings). Children’s performances
require a fee of $25.

We too were shuttered in place during the pandemic and are collecting this fee to reinvest in the technology needed to automate this program and make sure it is sustainable for many years to come.

We will be fundraising just for this reason. We hope to be able to offer grants for financial hardship as we understand how difficult things have been especially for artists and performing arts groups. So please email us if you need financial support: [email protected]

For Judges

Simple… Love and appreciation for the theatre and live performances.

The commitment is for 1 year from August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024, with an option to extend. Judges + 1 guest of their choice should expect to attend up to 3 performances per month.

Yes. Two tickets to each performance will be provided to each judge free of charge.
Note: seats are confirmed by the venue and cannot be changed, transferred, upgraded, or redeemed for cash.

Two per show. One for the judge and one guest.

All judges will have access to an Arty Awards customized app and/or website to view and respond to all judging opportunities. We will walk you through this process during your implementation call.

No. The tickets must be given to another participating judge and guest. If this is not possible, the judge is responsible for contacting the Arty coordinator who will attempt to find another judge for the performance. We request that you provide at least 72 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend.

For us to stay in good standing with our performers, a 72 hour notice of cancellation is requested. Please check to see if the show has an alternate date. Note: we cannot risk not judging the show so please be aware of the schedule of a show that you’ve agreed to judge.

Our Arty Awards coordinator will give you instruction s as to how to obtain tickets.

You will be assigned a performance identification number and can access the judging rubric through our online portal.

Scores should be entered no later than 3 days post show.

For Performers

Please click here to pay for and register a performance.

An administrative fee of $25 is charged for each performance and includes the category of your choice. Additional categories may be judged for $10 each or all 6 categories for $50.

Live theatre plays/acts (drama and comedy), musical theatre and dance productions/ensembles/solos.

The contest will be divided into 3 age groups:

  • Children’s Theatre: Up to age 12
  • Youth/High School: 12 to 18
  • Adult: 18 and up

OSV has purchased custom software solutions to automate the Arty Awards and is only looking to recover administrative costs.

Our Arty Awards Ambassador will be in touch with you. Please feel free to email us [email protected].