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Wild West Film Festival (WWFF)

Save the date for October 12th and 13th 2024.

The Wild West Film Festival is a vibrant celebration of the American Wild West, held on Main Street in downtown Vacaville. This event honors a diverse range of historical and cultural figures who played a significant role in our history, including underrepresented communities such as women, , multi-ethnic pioneers, Buffalo Soldiers, Indigenous Native Americans, Black, Mexicans and Chinese cowboys. The festival showcases Vacaville’s rich history and western way of life through various forms of art and entertainment. demonstrations, and roping lessons for kids. Local artists have crafted unique awards from repurposed redwood trees, known as the “Westys,” which are presented to filmmakers. The festival draws attendees from around the world, featuring films by both first-time and renowned country artists, including documentaries like “Dear Rodeo” by Reba McEntire and Cody Johnson, and Randy Travis’s “More Life.” This year our goal is to bring Sam Elliot from Yellowstone and if we can secure funding, fill Vacaville hotels and restaurants with excited Western fans.

Carmen, Reimagined

Save the date for September 28 and September 29 at the Vacaville performing arts theater.

A flamenco ballet production merging classical music, flamenco dance, and narrative choreography. This project includes collaboration with local arts organizations and provides a platform for young and professional artists to perform together.

Carmen, Reimagined

The Comedy Competition aims to offer a platform for discovering emerging comedians. This year’s event was a huge success, with the live competition selling out and attracting hundreds of submissions from across the country. The top 25 comedians showcased their skills on stage at the Journey Downtown theater on May 25, 2024.
Congratulations to Lulu Balimba, the winner, who received $1000 in cash and prizes. The four runners-up also took home some fantastic cash and prizes.
Save the date for next year’s competition on May 24, 2025. There will be only 150 application spots available, so hurry and submit your application. There is no fee to apply for the 2025 Comedy Cash Cow Competition!

OSV Presents "CPR for Life Health Equity Initiative" during National Heart Health Month

Vickie Onesti-Founder, President, and Certified Instructor launched “CPR for Life” as a response to the devastating loss of her beloved father to heart disease. She quickly became certified as an instructor in both CPR and first aid and is committed to empowering local organizations, schools and communities with the education, resources, and ability to make a difference during an emergency.

Vagina Monologues

February 9 – 11, 2024

Salsa Music & Storytelling

An evening of salsa music and storytelling highlighting the genre’s history and cultural impact. Performed by local Vacaville 9 piece instrumental ensemble, Salseros.

OSV in Partnership with the Tri-City NAACP Present
"The Space Race: The Untold Story of the First Black Astronaut" for Black History Month

A documentary screening and discussion exploring the experiences of the first

OSV in Partnership with the Solano Alzheimer’s Association Present
"Alive Inside" for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

A documentary screening exploring music’s capacity to combat memory loss and restore self-identity in individuals suffering from memory-related conditions.

Inclusion Films & Joey Travolta Film Festival Gala

Co-sponsored with the Solano County Office of Education, this event highlighted films created by youth with developmental disabilities who attended a 3-week film camp. The program taught them scriptwriting, acting, and filmmaking, building their communication, confidence, and collaboration skills. The gala featured the young filmmakers walking the red carpet in gowns and tuxedos, drawing a wide audience, and selling out quickly.

Jane Doe in Wonderland

In April 2018, OSV partnered with local service club Soroptimist International of Vacaville to fund a stage play to educate the public on the dangers of human trafficking. Based on the story of Elle Snow, a human trafficking survivor, Jane Doe in Wonderland is a play and survivor talkback that was created to raise awareness and educate our community about sex trafficking, many of whom were shocked to discover that it happens in every community including ours.

Air Force Band of the Golden West: Special Interactive Youth Performance

OSV supported free community concerts by the Air Force Band, which aims to bridge cultural and societal differences through music. In 2017, OSV expanded this support to include a student immersion program, where musicians interacted with school-aged and special needs children. OSV covered all event costs, including transportation and refreshments, ensuring an enriching experience for all participants.

OSV in Partnership with Soroptimist International of Vacaville Presents “Chosen”

A performance by teen girls from the Vacaville Ballet Company opened the event, followed by the 15 minute documentary, Chosen, about two young teenage girls who find themselves being trafficked by a fellow student. After the film, a panel of experts answered questions from the audience. The panel included Elle Snow, a survivor, of Game Over non-profit; Detective Mike Miller from the FBI Solano County violent Crimes Task Force; Mary Nguyen, prosecutor from the Napa County District Attorney’s Office; Heather Hoffman, director of Education Consultant 3 Strands Global; Art Stine, Ambassador Shared Hope International; Kelly Gilliam, The Nalls Foundation. Each gave a brief bio and description of their role in fighting Human Trafficking. The most powerful part of this production was a young girl who self identified as being a victim and was given the professional support she needed.

Beyond the Parade

Art Exhibition

Angela Arteritano

Angela is a Venezuelan-American multidisciplinary artist, who recently relocated to Vacaville with her family. She holds an M.F.A in Choreography and has more than a decade of experience in performance and production of theater arts. As the new Director of Development for On Stage Vacaville since the fall of 2022, she actively works to bring more equitable opportunities to performing art professionals in our area, as well as fostering a diverse local arts environment through the development of programs that upheld our values in DEI. As an active artist herself, she finds passion in supporting fellow artists and art organizations as she believes in the greater impact of a well nourished artistic ecosystem in the wellbeing of our entire community.

Cristie Baron

I am a teaching artist in Vacaville, CA. Sharing the world of arts with all ages is exciting and inspiring. I am dedicated to making art fun and doable for everyone. I believe there is value in the process of art and that all can learn through it no matter the final product. I own Joyful Art Studio, an art studio that provides classes in painting, mixed media and much more! With a growing team of artists, we have a mission of sharing our individual creative gifts with others to bring the JOY of art to our community.

Kathleen Farros

Working with stark contrasting items and juxtapositions of elements and form, intrigues me. My art portrays life forces using juxtapositions of flora and fauna- many times fish representing the journey of life with strength & vegetable forms representing fertility and life.

I work with found art, assemblage, ceramic and bronze. Stark material contrast of metals with ceramic are seen in my current work. Although primarily working in sculpture -ideas are expressed in a variety of media from drawing and printmaking to painting. One will view a 3-d element in the paintings, paying attention to the 2-d surface elements in sculptures.

Social concepts and life forces are utilized in narrative approaches. Inspiration originates from everyday idioms and situations, dreams, mythology— used and created in a surrealistic manner. No matter the media—the message is delivered.

Nancy Donahue-Schuetz

As an artist hailing from Vacaville, California, my journey has been one of exploration, inspiration, and a deep love for the creative process. Having honed my skills at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I specialize in a diverse range of subjects, from captivating portraits to the vibrant world of still life, and the enchanting beauty of animals. My studio in Vacaville serves as my sanctuary of whimsical creativity, where I craft pieces that seek to evoke emotion and give peace and tranquility to the viewer. Beyond my studio walls, I am dedicated to nurturing young artistic minds, volunteering at local schools to impart the joys of artistic expression to the next generation.

Olivia Griffin

My artistic journey is driven by the deep desire to make a difference. I believe that art has the power to inspire, educate, and transform, and it is my mission to contribute to the positive social change that our world so desperately needs. Through my paintings, I hope to be a catalyst for empathy, understanding, and ultimately, a brighter future for all.

Samia and Ally Estrada

As a mother-daughter artistic duo, we carry the torch of creativity across generations, deeply rooted in a love for both art and our cherished Vacaville community. Drawing inspiration from our rich family legacy of artists and a lifelong dedication to honing our craft through practice and learning, our work is a testament to the passion and love that reside within us. Each piece we create is not just an expression of what we adore, but a heartfelt invitation to share in the boundless affection we hold for both art and imagination.